Without Borders VII: Intermedia

In 2010 I was one of the curators of the annual Without Borders art festival in Orono, Maine. As part of the publicity for the show I created the web site you see above, designed to mimic Dick Higgins’ 1995 Intermedia chart. Overall this is a fairly straight-forward web project, but since it is intermedia I couldn’t just leave it at that. It has some nice technical features like a slightly curved custom scroller (script.aculo.us) to match the circular aesthetic of the site, but the fun part happens when you click on one of the question marks in the navigation bubble. It brings you to a page where all the circles in Higgins’ Venn diagram get positioned randomly on the page to create a new Venn diagram. Reloading repositions them again, constantly remixing the fields.

…Ok, that may not sound that impressive, but if you have a background in the history of Intermedia it’s one hell of a toy to play with.