I currently teach in the University of Maine’s Digital Curation graduate program. I generally teach two courses in the program: Metadata Systems and Digital Collections & Exhibitions.

DIG510: Metadata Systems (syllabus on GitHub)

DIG540: Digital Collections and Exhibitions (syllabus on GitHub)

In addition to the Digital Curation courses I currently teach, I have designed/taught:


  • Design Patterns for New Media
  • Introduction to Dynamic Web Content (PHP)
  • Introduction to Programming in Javascript: Script Your World
  • Fundamentals of Information Systems (TA) (Processing, Max/MSP)
  • Introduction to New Media Technology (TA) (Scratch, Processing)
  • Introduction to Problem Solving Using Computer Programming (TA) (Python)


  • Intermedia Research Studio II: Projects in Collaborative Production
  • Type and Text in Art
  • Metadata Systems for Digital Curation
  • Digital Collections and Exhibitions
  • Social Media I & II (1cr. each)
  • Networked Workflows (1cr.)
  • Web Application Design (1cr.) (PHP)
  • Dynamic Web Programming I & II (1cr. each) (PHP)
  • Relational Databases (1cr.) (MySQL)