I began teaching in 2008. Shortly after I finished my BA I returned to the UMaine New Media department and pitched them an idea for a new class I called “Design Patterns for New Media.” The class was intended to let graduating seniors come back and share their experiences with lower level students by working through capstone-level projects with them. I am particularly happy with the reception this class has gotten over the years, including one of my favorite pieces of feedback from a graduating senior who wasn’t even registered for it: “I really didn’t understand what New Media was about until I presented to your class.” Since 2008 I have continued to teach as an instructor of record and TA throughout my time in grad school, averaging over three sections per semester. In addition to Design Patterns I’ve also created several other undergraduate and graduate courses and helped launch two online grad certificates at UMaine: Innovative Communication Design and Digital Curation. My courses range from microcontroller programming to web applications to social media and collaborative art practice. Below is a two-part lecture on oo-Javascript games, intended to discuss some architectual planning steps for introdutory level students.